Coal  and  potatoes


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The Coal Trade Code

Home Safety


Have your chimney swept twice each year

Remember to check your throatplate is

  clear of deposits 24 hours after chimney sweeping.  Check again after 7 days.

Remove and clean your throatplate each month.

Use the correct fuel as recommended by ourselves.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions for operating, maintaining and cleaning your appliance.


Smother the firebed entirely when refuelling, otherwise this may lead to combustion problems.

Seal off room ventilators

Leave an open fire unattended without a fireguard

 PRODUCT  Approved  For Use  On
   Open Fire  Closed Appliance  Gravity Feed
 Coal - Small, Medium & Large  Yes  No  No
 Anthracite - Premium Small & Large Nuts  No  Yes  No
 Bean  No  No  Yes
 Grains  No  No  Yes
 Phurnacite  No  Yes  No
 Taybrite  No  Yes  No
 Homefire  Yes  Yes  No
 Homefire Ovals  Yes  Yes  No

Products supplied in 50kgs. open sacks and 25kgs. pre-packed